Family Safety and Phone Tracking
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Family Safety and Phone Tracking



If the bombings at the Boston Marathon and floodings all over Europe teach us anything, it’s you can never have too much of an emphasis on safety. Stay together with the use of phone tracking. Mobile phone tracking keeps families together and doesn’t require any expertise.

Investing in these services and a basic headset can allow parents to find their offspring in a large crowd without any trouble. Just turn it on and you can pinpoint people quickly and easily in chaotic conditions.

How Does it Work?

Every device sends a signal to the network’s masts and radio towers. This signal pulses every few seconds, even when the user isn’t actually talking to anyone. The signals determine exactly where someone is at any time.

Better quality devices also use GPS systems with smartphones. It makes it more accurate and provides a Plan B should something go wrong, although this is rare.

Using It

Subscribe to a mobile phone tracking service and you can pick up the location of a device on a map, as well as any piece of hardware like a tablet or a computer. The technology uses signals and doesn’t require any specific software or hardware.

The advantage of using such a service at major events is it doesn’t discriminate between different models and makes. As long as it sends a signal, the network can pick it up.


Phone tracking works by tracking each phone with a special microchip inside it. As long as it’s switched on, a family member only needs to have it with them. You can pick them up from your own mobile.

Some would ask whether it’s worth it considering you can just call them. If you’ve never been to a major sporting event, the networks can quickly become overloaded. With cramped conditions on public transport, as well as the noise, it makes calling someone next to impossible.

Choosing a Service

Different mobile tracking services work in alternate ways. You should choose one which has a history of accuracy and reliability. The last thing you want is to suddenly lose your signal when you need it most.

Remember, everyone needs to give their consent before they can use a tracked phone. These are privacy laws and must always be respected. It could land you in serious trouble if you knowingly supply someone with a tracked phone. Children are minors and only need the permission of their parents or guardians.

Try to choose a flexible service. You should have the option to leave your plan whenever you want. Long contracts often provide problems as they lock you into the service. Even if it’s bad quality, you’ll still have to pay for the remainder of your contract.

The best providers allow you to come and go as you please.



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