Fake Phone Towers Spy & Track UK Mobile Phones
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Fake Phone Towers Spy & Track UK Mobile Phones

It has been revealed that the UK has been using fake mobile phone masts to track and spy on UK mobile phone users. This works by fake mobile phone towers capturing information on nearby mobile phones. This is done by the mast tricking the mobile phone to think it is a real phone mast.

The use of similar types of spy tracking 'stingray' masts have already been in use in the USA. In fact the technology comes from the states and is said to be in full use in the UK.

The controversial technique works by gathering large amounts of data from all nearby mobile phones. Thousands of details can be obtained at once. The object is to catch criminals, monitoring them by their phones usage.

These devices are very much portable and work by pretending to be a phone mast, passing mobiles log on to the device and the stingray black box gathers (IMSI) and serial numbers. This then allows the police to track the exact location of the phone- Leading to criminals being captured.

It is reported that there has been 20 different instances of this type of tech in London alone. 

Police have yet to confirm or deny the use of these phone tracking stingray boxes. They said that any details they released would only benefit the criminals, so they didn't want to comment about anything related.

Already people have been alarmed about such mobile phone tracking behavior and see it as a breach of privacy. Many do see the good use of the technology though, and its also managing to track and catch criminals.

For criminals the only way to escape such tracking methods would be to either get rid of their phone or make sure its totally switched off. That way no data can be transmitted to any Stingray box.



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