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Facebook Phone Tracker: Don't Let it Catch You Out


Facebook has started using a system which places your location on map when you use the chat or message feature from modern mobile devices. The technology is so accurate that users can be traced by their phone on a map to the nearest few metres. 

I first discovered the 'phone tracker' technology when I was speaking to a friend in Bangkok. He were using a mobile device and I was on a PC, when I went into messages on Facebook I could see his exact location on a Bing map. I informed my friend about this and he got worried.


Since, he has managed to disable this phone track feature but I wonder how many others do not know about it or have been caught out in some way. Imagine if your employee could see your exact location if you were in a place you weren't meant to be. Or imagine if your wife or girlfriend caught you somewhere you should not be.

It seems this new phone trace feature could be a good benefit, however for many it could also be a bad one. 


There are many types of phone trackers available. Most incorporate modern technology used in smart phones like GPS, GSM and other location services which use several means of pin pointing a location. 

As modern phones progress so will the technology and the ability to trace phones

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