Everything you don’t need to know about call tracking
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Everything you don’t need to know about call tracking



Here is a short list of a bunch of things that you don’t need to know about phone tracking. You may see them appear as topics on blogs and on forums, but knowing them or not is inconsequential. It is like knowing about autumn (fall). Sure, you may think the world is dying if you have no idea what autumn is, but autumn is still going to happen regardless, so knowing about it is unneeded.

Call tracking affects SEO 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means making your website more search engine friendly, and call tracking may affect it. Why don’t you need to know this? Because for it to affect your SEO you already have to be so dastardly on the Internet that you are already seconds away from being banned by Google. 

If you want to play it safe, then do not put a tracked phone number on an online directory, and if you want to play it ridiculously safe then you can advertise your tracked phone numbers on image files before putting them on your website. But, there is little point because for it to affect your SEO you would already have to be due a sharp fall in the search engine results anyway.

Hundreds if not thousands of American businesses use it

The jokes about bosses reading the emails of staff at work are funny, but they are simply stating fact. If you do not want your personal email or Facebook being read then don’t read them on a work computer. Furthermore, the company has plenty to lose from a malicious worker and secretly reading their emails is just the smart thing to do. The same is true now that phone tracking is widely available, as is vehicle tracking on company cars. You don’t need to know this because nothing has changed; companies spied in the past and they spy now.

It is too difficult to track everybody

The NSA has the same trouble when they monitor red-flag words online and via phone calls. There are thousands upon thousands every day, and they do not have enough staff to monitor them all. The same is true if your company has a lot of staff. You will need more staff to monitor your other staff, and then who monitors those who monitor?

Does this mean that malicious and malcontent staff are going to get away with things? Yes it does, but then they always have. There are always ways to avoid getting caught, and people will always find them. So, do you need to know this if yet again nothing has changed?

Call analytics are used to red flag in a company

There are not enough people monitor people in a company, so they use call analytics where they check to see how often you call certain numbers, how often you are texting compared to other people, and whom you are calling who may be considered a competitor. They use online directories to figure out the name of the people you are calling, and a lot of messages to ex-directory numbers are often flagged as suspicious too.



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