Mobile Phone Tracking Privacy - Should We Ditch Our Phones?
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Mobile Phone Tracking Privacy - Should We Ditch Our Phones?

Every day there is a new report out about some kind of mobile phone tracking privacy concern. Be it, the government snooping on our phones, to shopping centres collecting data, or even your partner planing a phone tracking device. Constant threats are around us daily.

What is the solution? As our phones become more complex and clever, it seems the likely-hood of us being tracked and traced increases. In In some ways the technology turns against us.

Varying degrees of information about us can be revealed from our phones. Some can pin-point locations, others can gather ID numbers. Many of the so called ‘threats’ hold no real danger, however, some of the spy threats seem to be more serious.

When people start listening in on our calls, and our location can be seen by a stranger, maybe it’s time to start worrying. What options do we really have though?

When reports emerge that the government is collecting data of around 95% of people in the UK, maybe it’s time to start to worry. Granted, this data is probably minimal, and its unlikely there is someone sat snooping in on every call you make. It still can be worrying though.

What are the options? Well, the only sure fine way is to switch off your phone, not use it, or totally get rid of it. Highly unlikely though, in a day now where we all live with our phones and use them constantly. Perhaps this is where the government and authorities want us, so they can track every part of our lives.