Learn to be Safe by Disabled Phone Tracking on Smartphones
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Learn to be Safe by Disabled Phone Tracking on Smartphones



It has already become one of the biggest news stories of the year that the government is tracking Americans not only on the internet but on their phones as well. The American government takes advantage of outdated laws on privacy and claims to use this information to stop terrorists. 

The interesting thing is that many people are completely unaware of how much information they are actually displaying to ex-spouses, criminals, and cyber stalkers. The biggest reason behind losing this information is that people who are active internet users and take pictures with their cell phones to share on social media or share them with others via email don't turn off the location-tracking option available on their smart phone's camera. Even though many have already received warnings and know about ways to prevent the embedded, location-tracking info from getting into their mobile's photos, they simply don't take any care to set things right.

The CEO of Hi Tech Crime Solutions, Gregory Evans, has mentioned that people don't realize how easy it is for others to read the data that is embedded in your photos that you take using your mobile phone. They also don't mind using certain mobile tracking software and programs to check where you work, where you live, where you go for party, and much more. Your pictures can reveal it all! 

Of course, there are positive uses of phone tracking software in different industries, including navigation, commerce, etc., but others tend to use it in a negative way and use the information to victimize you. It is worth mentioning that smart phone users also use certain social-media apps that tell others about their current location. The problem is that the app can sometimes share all the photos you may have saved in your smart phone gallery. This could be extremely dangerous in many ways because it shares all photos that tell others about your favourite spot, your favourite playground, your child's day care centre, and more. A child predator could easily use this information and they might even hurt your child. 

What it means is that if you don't behave in a responsible manner, you will actually be helping the bad people, as they can use mobile tracking software to map exactly where you are at all times. Things could definitely take a nosedive, but what many people don't realize is that they can avoid all this without having to go through a lot of hassle. The simple solution is to go into "settings" of your smart phone and find an option to turn off "location services" on your camera or any other photo-taking apps. This way, your images will not have any location-specific data to share with others, even if they are using any powerful phone tracking software. 

So, take this issue seriously and make sure you spend a few minutes on your smart phone to make it more safe and secure to use. Really, it's not that difficult! 



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