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Cell Phone Tracking in US Increases Rapidly by Authorities Spying Without warrant


A recent report released by major cell phone companies shows an alarming amount of requests for sensitive data by law enforcement authorities in the USA. Concerns are arising when details and data that is considered private can be accessed at any time without any sort of warrant. This new kind of phone tracking by police is said to save lives and solve crimes but not everyone is happy about these latest figures.

A report in the NY Times said that now over 1.3 million requests are being made from police and other types of enforcement organizations. This figure is growing rapidly over the years and it seems that phone tracking is on the rise to combat criminal activity.

What many people aren't happy about though, is that these details are often searched and retrieved including phone conversations, text, location and activity without any kind of warrant. 

As phone become more advanced with the likes of GPS navigation, internet capabilities and other features the amount of information and data that can be discovered and traced increases. This could be a reason why authorities are increasing the amount of cell phone data requests.


The police now say that, when any crime is committed, there is probably some kind of mobile phone device present. Taking advantage of this has become one of the top ways of catching criminals, be in via phone tracker capabilities or other techniques.

One of the most powerful ways in which Police can spy on criminals and track phones is by GPS location tracking. With new smartphones many have GPS enabled whilst using applications, social networks and other popular things. If a criminal forgets, which is easily done. The authorities have their location to the nearest few meters and they are screwed.


In a strange twist though, it has been revealed that cell phone carriers can sometimes charge for this information to be released to law enforcement and now phone companies are making money out of this information being released.