Cell Phone Tracking Could be Used for Emergency Responses
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Cell Phone Tracking Could be Used for Emergency Responses



As talk around privacy matters associated with cell phone tracking escalates, emergency services are now saying that better phone tracking technology would mean that emergency services could pin point locations much easier and potentially save more lives.

According to reports the technology that exists now should be sufficient for this, the problem is though phone companies and technology firms are constantly coming under fire as to whether it is a breach of privacy for authorities to be able to access your exact location.

Surprisingly, newer cell phones can give a better idea of where the caller is, however this is not always viewable until half a minute. Information on older cell phones were transmitted instantly.

With all the hype about recent reports surrounding how the public's information is being used, its yet unsure whether companies will start using more fine polished tracking systems. Experts say it will save lives though.

Phone tracking to help save lives in this way is yet another way in which tracking systems can effect our life and perhaps a more positive use of our personal data being used.



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