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Can You Defend Yourself from Mobile Phone Surveillance?


People often don't take into account the potential risks of being tracked via their mobile phones. It's something that doesn't come into the mind as individuals tend to believe that as private companies they are completely safe from any government surveillance. Theyre not. On the contrary, towers and GPS chips are two ways in which the government can check on their citizens at all times. And they don’t need the blessing of the private phone providers to be able to do this.

Real-time tracking is possible through both of these areas of the phone. The good news for many people is that they do need to obtain a warrant from the courts, which has come about as a result of the EFF. The only issue is that even without probable cause, due to pressure by the government or otherwise, courts will hand out these warrants, often without question. When this happens it leaves the unsuspecting mobile owner wide open to their movements being tracked.

Using technology that has been codenamed the government now has the ability to track phones without the use of the phone provider. It gives the chance for governments to bypass courts all together since the government already has the power to be able to track people's movements without the help of outside parties. This worrying trend even extends to the courts as triggerfish is something that will only require a pen-trap order to operate. Pen-trap orders are much easier to get than wiretaps, which are required with conventional phone surveillance operations.


It spells trouble for people who are worried about their privacy because the level of tracking technology is advancing faster than the laws of the land. Government forces are now able to track people and invade people's privacy without worrying about any legal consequences. Weak legal and technical mechanisms mean that personal privacy has all but been eliminated when it comes to mobile phones.

Avoiding the threat is just as difficult as seeking help through the legal system. Since the government can use its own power to perform real-time tracking operations, avoiding the issue whilst using a phone is now almost impossible. Even when a call isn’t being made they can still be tracked. Some models of phone can even be tracked if they are powered down. The only way to avoid being tracked is by removing the battery. Although, this isn’t a viable option since mobile phones are such a valuable part of daily life.

There are many more ways in which people’s privacy can be invaded via their mobile phones. At the same time, there are other ways in which the level of surveillance can be either removed or, at least, severely limited. It’s the realm of primers and they enable people to defend themselves and their privacy.

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