Boss Spies on Employee With Phone Location Tracking App
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Boss Spies on Employee With Phone Location Tracking App

A lawsuit has been filed because a boss of a money transfer company was spying on one of their employees. Myrna Arias thought things were going to far when it was revealed that her boss were bragging about details of the spy app (such as how fast she was driving)

Spy apps can reveal a whole bunch of data such as phone logs, messages, location, photos and more. They run silently on a persons phone (often without them knowing).

They relay information back remotely, where they can be accessed by ant PC or internet phone.

In the case of the lawsuit, Myrna's boss claimed that all employees knew about the phone app. The staff felt that they were pushed into using their phones with the app on because the money was too good.

When Myrna Arias felt too uncomfortable with the situation, she removed the app and a few weeks later she was sacked. She has since filed a law suit.

Phone tracking apps have come under controversy for many reasons. Some are unhappy about them because of privacy issues, relating to suspicious partners using them on each other, people snooping on others and general miss-use. There are many benefits of them though. 

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