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Authorities Working with Phone Tracker App's 


It seems applications to trace phone are becoming popular with the use of smartphones today. A simple search in Google News gave a whole bunch of related news stories that lead to separate incidents of modern phone users including iPhones, Androids and Blackberry devices. Many of the phone owners were singing their praises about phone app's that locate and trace lost or stolen phones. 


There are many different makes of phone tracker applications, depending on the phone or devices capabilities will reflect on the use of each app but many seem to do he same job to help the user find their cell phone. 


One story which caught my attention was an app called 'Find My iPhone'. Police worked with the victims of a stolen phone and used the tracking application which was installed prior to the cell phone being stolen. In this case the phone which was stolen in the Hollywood area was located by police when the forces were combined and the app software led them to a car which was parked up with stolen goods inside. 


From reading this story I wanted to find out exactly how this application worked. After some research this app which is made by Apple syncs up with the users Apple account prior to it being installed. Once a user logs in to any computer or web capable browser online they can see the location of their missing or stolen device by map. One can often tell if the phone is moving and its accurate to the nearest few meters. 


More interesting certain 'force' methods can be activated, for example if the phone is put on silent etc, the owner of the phone who is tracking it can force a loud alarm sound to start playing to override the standard settings. Text messages can also be forced upon the phone to warn potential thief's. 


In a review on the apps website, it explained how somebody was able to sound the 'alarm' seconds before literally raiding the phone physically off the person who stole it. When the loud tone went off it made it clear to who had stolen the phone in a crowd of people

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