Android Phones to be Traceable
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Android Phones to be Traceable



For a long time Android phone users have wondered when Google would bring out a “track my phone” feature, and that answer is: later this month. 

Google have just announced that by the end of the summer Android phones running at least Android 2.2 will come with an Android Device Manager, allowing them to locate a phone which has been lost.

Benjamin Poiesz, a Google employee who manages products for Android, posted on the Android Blog in early August that users of Android devices will soon be able to locate their phone when they have misplaced it, coming as part of a few “simple features” that will be unveiled.

The way the app will work is that you can ring your phone, which will play out your ringtone on the loudest possible setting regardless of whether it was on vibrate or silent mode. This allows you to search your phone when it is in close proximity. However another feature is expected to be revealed, which allows you to use the in-built Google Map app to physically locate your map to a general radius, helping if you have left the device at a friend’s house or in your car where you cannot hear it. Mr Poiesz went on to say that to make sure all user data was secure, an option would be built into the app to allow users to erase the phone’s memory if it has been stolen. It is expected that the service will work through the online Google Account page, but an application is expected to be included with all new android phones and tablet devices. 

For many years Android users have wondered why Google had not implemented such a system, especially when Apple has included such software as standard on iPhones for some years. The Apple system works very similar, with mobile tracking and an option to clear the phone from its data if the phone is marked as stolen and irretrievable. 

The Android Blog posted tips for how to keep your phone secure in the meantime, including adding a password to your lock screen. A security expert at Google also stated on the Blog that Google automatically scans new software developments, which means that the phones running Android are now more secure than ever. Up to 1.5 billion apps are downloaded daily, which makes the task of protecting users all the more important.

Security has become a greater problem for Android since it has become the most popular mobile platform in the world. The Android website claims to have users in more than 190 countries around the world, with many millions of users relying on the security updates and applications every day to keep their data safe.




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