A Few Pointers About Phone Spying
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A Few Pointers About Phone Spying



Thanks to Smartphones, mobile phone tracking is now easier than ever. All you need to do is install the correct app on the phone of the person you want to monitor, and you may see where they go and what they do. You may even snoop on the phone calls they make and the text messages they receive. The most common use for mobile phone tracking The more common use is for installation on your own phone. People do this because it is a security measure against theft or loss. The Smartphone may be tracked if it is lost or if it is stolen. Privacy issues regarding phone tracking There is a certain issue with privacy if you decide to install this app on another person’s phone. You are technically intruding on their privacy. Just how you handle this issue from a moral standpoint is up to you. Many of the security and privacy matters are handled within the apps you purchase. For example, some apps do not allow you to snoop in a way that breaks the law, whereas others do. What about the app company spying? For this there is very little defense. If you are able to transmit private information from one phone to your own, then there is very little stopping the app company from seeing and spying on the information too. They may make promises that they are not going to spy on what is transmitted, but at the end of the day, you only have their word to go on. Phone tracking may be used for good It may help parents find out where their children are, or where loved ones are in an emergency. It may help employers track where their staff are and help delivery companies tell their customers how long a delivery will take to arrive. Phone tracking technology may help to find lost or stolen phones. Phones may be tracked in two ways The location of a phone may be tracked via GPS, but this does imply that the GPS system needs to be active in order to track the phone. Many people turn it off because it uses up the battery. Alternatively, the mobile phone may be located via triangulation from the radio towers. It is possible to triangulate the position of a mobile phone if the mobile phones signal reaches at least three radio towers. The more towers it is able to contact, then the more accurate the geo location service is. People are sometimes willing to be tracked Lots of people track their own phones in order to find it again if it is lost. Or, as an adult you may track the phone of your under-16yr old without any illegal repercussions. There are also people who will agree to be tracked so that their spouse, employer or loved ones may see where they are.




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